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From late 1988-1990, I covered mainly police and courts at The Capital Times in Madison, Wis. As noted on other pages, I've placed a few samples here for now and will be adding more as I continue building the site.

Two years into my newspaper career I had already covered quite a bit of crime. In this series, I spoke to victims of violent crime about the aftermath of their ordeals. Awareness of what we now call date rape was just emerging in 1989, and I was struck by the comments of two sexual assault victims -- one attacked by a stranger, the other by an aquaintance -- in the second part of this series. Both said they felt the other had undergone the worse ordeal.

In 1989, the psychological effects of steroid abuse were not widely known. This story looks at one tragic case and contains some background that, read today, shows how little was known back then.

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