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In 1988 I lucked into a job as a two-day-a-week general assignment reporter at the New York Post. Say what you will about the Post, but I learned a lot from the brief time I spent in that newsroom. In the pre-GPS '80s, I learned to keep my trusty five-borough atlas handy at all times. For the sake of speed as I contrinue to build out this site, I've dropped in a single PDF file below with three stories from my Post days. I'll add more evenutally.

The first story in the file at left was one of my favorites -- covering the protests at the New York opening of "The Last Temptation of Christ." It was my first exposure to this kind of orchestrated street protest and I remember being struck by how carefully the NYPD managed the whole thing. Also, I got to have a nice conversation with Tiny Tim as he waited in line. His quotes didn't make the story and somehow I lost his autograph. Oh well.

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