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In July 2017, the Better Government Association took over the PolitiFact affiliation for Illinois and became the new home of PolitiFact Illinois. I joined the BGA then to get their fact-checking up and running, having initiated PolitiFact Illinois a year earlier with my then-employer, Reboot Illinois. Founded in 2007 to apply a uniform fact-checking system to the 2008 presidential campaign, PolitiFact won the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in 2009. Fact-checks for state affiliates of PolitiFact are subject to the same standards as those of the national site. The ratings applied to fact-checks -- ranging from True to Pants on Fire -- are decided by a three-judge panel that usually includes at least one member of the PolitiFact national team. (As the writer/researcher on these, I make a recommendation on the rating, but the judges make the final ruling.) The full explanation of the PolitiFact process is here. Following are a few samples of my work from PolitiFact Illinois. You'll find some of the older fact-checks from the Reboot Illinois days here.

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