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One day at a staff meeting in early 2013, it was decided that it would be nice for Reboot Illinois to do a weekly video summary of the past week or to elaborate on some issue in the news. The problem as I saw it was that my video experience to that point was limited to posting family vacation videos to YouTube. But thanks to iMovie and, later, Final Cut, I learned to put together videos that were both technically tolerable and, thanks to help from my co-host Madeleine Doubek, informative. You can find lots of these on Reboot's YouTube channel, but I've picked a few representative samples to post here.

I had some fun at the 2016 Illinois State Fair political days.

The two most powerful politicians in the state seem to be going for broke in the hope that the electorate in 2018 will blame the other guy for the wreckage of their protracted battle.

Who were the biggest winners and losers in Illinois politics in 2016? Our answers may surprise you.

At the end of 2016, we looked ahead to what might lay ahead.

The simmering feud between Gov. Bruce Rauner and the largest union of Illinois state employees boiled over when the union voted to authorize a strike in February 2017. Here we explain what it means, what comes next and the back story

In addition to "Only in Illinois," I put together some short "drill" videos to quickly explain issues or events in the news. Typically they were 45 or 90 seconds long. Here's a sample.

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